Career directory

My entire career in pictures - early 1980's to present.

Oil-and-gas 2012 - January to October an engineering design company in the oil industry

Oil-and-gas 2013 - October at a subcontractor site sorting welding requirements.

2009 foundry - case-studies of improvement projects , six examples of very different activities.

Memoir of my Doctoral research on hydrogen distribution and movement behaviour in welds, explaining the high weldability of modern "TMCP" plate steels compared to "classic" plate steels.
Also explaining why pipelines formed from TMCP plate steels are very resistant to sour-oil, compared to those from "classic" steels.

Memoir of my work in the first half of 2015 on the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge project near Istanbul, Turkey - as the welding specialist for Hyundai, the lead contractor. Lot of detail of the technical challenges, and of persuading the organisation buying the bridge what would be best to do. The bridge has a 1.4km span and a huge bridge-deck 59.4m wide, providing 8 road-traffic lanes and 2 railway lines - it's "mega"!


December 2017:
My detailed "CV" describing my career working forward in chronologically - the full human story as best I can tell it.

I realised that over years and decades of only seeing my "reverse-chronological" punchlines CV that perception of self is shriveled back to this stripped-out bare outline.
Then you identify that this CV isn't landing you any response to job applications (the only jobs you are getting are when someone in a desperate plight finds you).
So why conform to the "conventional advice" if it isn't delivering?!!

So here is the story I'd like to tell...