Mineral processing covering letter

I am Richard Smith, living in Chacewater, with 40 years of industrial and construction experience.

I decided to become a minerals expert here in Cornwall. All previous experience is, figuratively, there will be holes in walls if the door is kept shut. I will get where I intend, as I have done before.
I have met much effete disapproval driving-through "no's", but had a much better and more interesting life than any script which was attemptedly fitted.
Significant impact is my time has coincided with de-industrialisation and "the service economy" - whose fantasies are now coming into focus.
Proof of being real in this time of "the service economy" - sorted-out the steelwork second phase of the many-lanes-wide 1.4km-span US$2.7Billion 3rd bridge over the Bosphorus [Wikipedia] in Turkey. Their challenge was the welding. Guided the way with welding where several hundred others already had the title of Engineer. Some proving to be wise experienced specialists from eg the shipyards of Korea, with whom it was a privilege to be a colleague.

I meet and work with geology and mining students in the volunteering I do at preserved mines here in Cornwall. Which I gather is for practical experience they would otherwise get none of. Indicator I am doing very something right.

Another indicator: engagement in minerals has me in learned society meetings, where I hear perceptions which match what I encounter in welding and engineering work. That "service-economy" thinking has persons with mineral-processing qualifications over-managing, citing financial arguments, without comprehending that if it doesn't work, you get nothing.
"Life seen through a spreadsheet" articulates the general concept.
I make things work. Fundamental aptitude. Crucial. This is returning to the topic of "being real", and I know I have this and you need this.

My mining and minerals abilities are rising very rapidly in time; hence this pitch on rapidly progressing foundations. This is to a large extent proof of inherent ability you will recognise.

Metallurgist by training and experience

I am a Doctoral level physical metallurgist by training and career experience. From starting in the Sheffield steel industry 40 years ago.
Physical metallurgist => now significantly a design and structural engineer. Applications: design concept development; lifting operations planning; etc.

Extractive metallurgy

I have cover-to-cover'ed Wills' Mineral Processing Technology

Working through in more detail: Wills' Examples to end Chapter 3
My mathematical methods have worked as well here as they have previously (in reverse-order):

The Wills mathematics example presents a mass-balance on a slurry (pulp) stream using the "n-products" calculations. Where the streams are in volumes and the mineral proportions are by mass - which presents a conversion to proportion by volume.

I encounter minerals and mineral processing in my volunteering work, and the topic at local technical societies.

For non-technical persons; the overwhelmingly importance is aptitude with knowledge. As presented in its strongest form following...

Industrial scientist and technologist

My strongest "selling points" must feature the fundamental strengths coming from my industrial background leading into applied scientific research in a challenging field.

I am noted for "a foot in both camps" of theory and practice.

Needing explaining : all my projects have been at the start of the learning curve, breaking new ground, creating new knowledge and giving high returns. As represent here:

Major projects where this very much was so:

For all roles - have this crucial characteristic.
That my career has had challenges is a consequence of forcing directions and making things happen. Coming from being a shop-floor steelworker, I had no choice - I pushed passed the obstructive "no's" and had to keep going.
The most extreme positive application of this characteristic, already mentioned, is the 3rd bridge across the Bosphorus, Turkey, 2015 where I was brought-in to un-stall this US$2.7Billion project, which had stopped progressing going into the steel construction phase. I succeeded - in fact I found it a task well within my familiar abilities.

So this is all high returns / remunerative solutions.

Minerals in general


Condurrow mine

The Condurrow Mine of Carn Brea Mining Society.
Participate in the various mine maintenance tasks.

King Edward Mine

Invited to King Edward Mine museum for my welding background. Various tasks including making a near-replica of the haulage shaft cage to go under the "Wheal Concord" headframe (timber) currently being restored.

Activities with images

My involvement in and study of mining, minerals and geology

Examples of industrial-background character

These will be recognisable to you:

Juncture to make more points

It became clear early-on in my industrial career that I was seeing correlations and solutions which many never would - what aptitudes they had were not this.

I have been noted for building a bigger network in a workplace in weeks than many would achieve in years.

I can travel with work and go on assignments to client's plants, but do intend to be settled here now.

About the consulting environment : when on the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge project, I operated from boardrooms to getting tools and showing how tasks could be done. My reach is very broad.

Experiences demonstrate I can "be tough" and be considered helpful.
In the oil&gas engineering industry there was a line in getting assignments as "the Client's representative", going to manufacturing subcontractors where problems were arising. So that meant getting out of a taxi at a factory in a country you had never been to before, walking through the doors and "sorting it out".
I can proudly say that despite starting off declaring many things unsatisfactory and rejecting / not-accepting them, I could get firm hand-shakes wishing me well and saying I would be welcome back as I departed.


I am available now. Question is: how quickly to you want your plants working, and/or working much better?

Reminder - I am a teamworker and all who you want staying working in your organisation will be happy working with me.

Contact me : Contact form passes your contact details to me.

(R. Smith CEng PhD MSc etc., 19Apr2024, 11Jun2024, 12Jun2024 (eds))