Cornwall - engineer roles covering-letter

I live in Chacewater = local.

My Career directory . Some links there duplicate specific cases presented here.

Engineering / Structural Design

I design applying

This comes out of having been a welder and steel-erector. Which got me out on sites and caused the questions which lead to notable ability.


Euler-Bernoulli beam:

Cantilever drilling platform - analysis using beam calculations
Visual preview:

Finite Element Analysis:

Hydraulic inner fatigue test - piston stiffness - FEA models
Visual preview:

FEA3D : BCFWTT RHS beam top surface around test weld
Visual preview:

more Euler-Bernoulli beam - examples showing deeper understanding:

Rectangular Hollow Section beam calculator
[is coded in server-side scripting language "PHP" - gets my webhost's computer to do calculation and send answer back to you as a simple HTML page]

Euler-Bernoulli beam stress-vs-deflection equations
Visual preview:

Developing engineering and structural designs

My engineering skills come out of welding & construction; that following from pursuing training as a scientist resulting from working in the steel industry. So my knowledge is very much founded on practical observation.

The way I develop designs is very approachable and open to peers to review and contribute.

Here are my notes developing the drilling platform already seen (webpage)

Explaining in-advance - I've "inline'd" the calculations expressed in Lisp - including the functions I have written. Being Lisp - that's what's within the parentheses "(...)".
The answers are "machine-inserted" into the file on executing the expressions.
So there is a persistent record of the logic, the calculations and the answers in the one "design development notes" file.
So you could check-through my calculations I did four years ago for the structure seen in that webpage...


(load-file "/Users/rds/Dropbox/files_ma/computing/programs_engineering/ma2nd_shapes.el")
(load-file "/Users/rds/Dropbox/files_ma/computing/programs_engineering/ma2nd_parallelaxix.el")

;; Thursday 11 July 2019  21:41

;; load-capacity of deck I am making for drilling off front of
;; barge...

;; find neutral axis

;; n=sum(M)/sum(A)
;; take base of section - in "L" presentation

;; stay in mm for now
(/f (+ (* 65 10 5) (* 150 10 75)) (+ (* 65 10) (* 150 10)))
;; 53.83720930232558 ;; mm (! - not metres!)

(let ((a1 (* 65 10))(y1 5)(a2 (* 150 10))(y2 75))
  ;; (cons a1 a2))
  (/f (+ (* a1 y1)(* a2 y2))(+ a1 a2)))
;; 53.83720930232558

  (ma2nd-rect-b-h-cx 10e-3 150e-3) ;; 2.8124999999999993e-06
  ;; (* 10e-3 75e-3 (expt (- 150e-3 53.83720930232558e-3) 2)) ;; 6.935461736073553e-06
  (ma2nd-a-y-parallelaxis (* 10e-3 150e-3)(- 75e-3 53.83720930232558e-3)) ;; 6.717955651703624e-07
  (ma2nd-rect-b-h-cx 65e-3 10e-3) ;; 5.416666666666668e-09
  (ma2nd-a-y-parallelaxis (* 65e-3 10e-3)(- 5e-3 53.83720930232558e-3)) ;; 1.5502974580854517e-06
  ) ;; 5.04000968992248e-06 ;; m^4

;; "Blue Book" => 501cm^4 => 501e-8 = 5.01e-06m^4
;; so agrees.

;; sigma_max=My/I
;; M_max=sigma_yield I / y

(/f (* 275e6 5.04000968992248e-06)(- 150e-3 53.83720930232558e-3))
;; 14413.086960902861
;; = 14.4kNm

;; point load at middle of deck = 2.44/2+0.450
(+ (/ 2.44 2) 0.45)
;; 1.67

 (/f 14413.086960902861 1.67 9.81)
 2 ;; there are two beams
;; 1759.5496421106243 ;; kg-f

;; if at end of deck
 (/f 14413.086960902861 (+ 2.44 0.45) 9.81)
 2 ;; there are two beams
;; 1016.7639800431634
;; 1 Tonne for even at tip (front) of deck


 (ma2nd-rect-b-h-cx 40e-3 60e-3)
 (ma2nd-rect-b-h-cx (* (- 40 3 3) 1e-3)(* (- 60 3 3) 1e-3))
 ) ;; 2.7385199999999993e-07 ;; m^4

(* 2.7385199999999993e-07 (expt 100 4)) ;; 27.385199999999994 ;; cm^4
;; agrees with "blue book"

230525 - getting Z, M_max not explained then - calculated here

 (z-rhs-b-h-t 40e-3 60e-3 3e-3) ;; 9.128399999999997e-06 ;; m^3
 ) ;; 3240.581999999999 ;; Nm


;; M=WL/4 -> W=4M/L
(/ (* 4 3240.581999999999) 2.44 9.81) ;; 541.5320599588908

;; My first-principles calc for pure rectangular shapes gives this -
;; 542kg - for 60x40x3 S355

CAD and 3-D design

My main experience is "AutoCAD" in 3-D.

(from 3rd page of this PDF )

More recent is drawing the 3-D shapes going into the FEA models.

Already seen :

"Solidworks" is a respected program.
"AutoCAD" is an interpretter with most user-functionality scripted in Lisp functions - which I am familiar with.

Communication and teamwork + motivated

Yes definitely.

Immediately self-evident proof - I can work in factories, workshops and on construction sites, which are extremely teamwork interactive environments.

Example, although very text-heavy, is 3rd Bosphorus Bridge project, Turkey, 2015 , un-jamming this US$2.7Billion project which had stalled on weld issues.

You will be inferring yourself that "highly motivated" is a definite. I did get that bridge construction moving again, sorting the weld issues and working-in with skilled colleagues from other disciplines getting momentum.

It seems likely I will be one of those who always retains a motivated enthusiastic mentoring interactive character.


Yes already, to an extent.
Hand-pumped - to 700Bar - yes.
Machine - the 200Bar high-flow type - yes, some.
The already mentioned in FEA; stiffened piston :

I have done some maintenance and coaxing of hydraulic systems


I computer-program and know embedded devices must be imminent.
"embedded devices" - on 22Feb2024 I went to a Software Cornwall's "Tech Jam" trying the "micro:bit" and saw / experienced how accessible these are - which I programmed in "Python". Shown the "Arduino" device and its programs in "C/C++". Pardoning technical-speak - I have programmed in "C", designed around "malloc'ing" memory with "pointers" data access and storage - so the "Arduino" is accessible to me - noting its recognised power with analog inputs for machine control.
"Seeing is understanding" - I had avoided embedded devices and spreading effort, until this efficient introduction.

Production and site

Including marine construction sites - yes.
I have worked in Trades of Welder and Steel Erector.
Marine - see Teignmouth Maritime Services 2018 to 2020. Marine civils sites - mainly Plymouth Sound; also Brixham plus others.


Yes, though would be happy to start at zero and be mentored again.

I have done some programming of robots, so CNC machine-tool programming should be achievable.

Geology, geotechnics and understanding the objectives

This is a building area of knowledge with being a member of Carn Brea Mining Society and volunteering at the Condurrow mine.
Yes I have used a Holman rock-drill . Drilling to 1.5m depth in a few minutes into very hard granite.
I broadly know of various rock-types, methods of formation, etc.
Working in oil&gas, some matters I met were sampling the silt in building the environmental case for offshore oil&gas developments.

Additional desirables

I already hold Chartered Engineer status.

As mentioned already, I live very locally in Chacewater.


I can start "as soon as" - ie offer immediate availability.

(R. Smith, 21Feb2024, 23Feb2024 (, more vis.previews), 25Feb2024 (eds.))