Richard Smith - career in pictures

With my career being in heavy industry factories, manufacturing workshops and construction sites, I have only been able to take a few pictures. In general, no photos in these high hazard working environments.
The environment builds a certain type of personality, who has to do things very absolutely. Otherwise people get hurt or killed. I'm the genuine type in manufacturing and contruction.

I have obtained a few pictures along the way and they do convey the story. I hope you enjoy looking. All but one link, noted, is content on this website.

Steelworks, Sheffield, early 1980's

The start of my technical career.
I worked in two steelworks - Hadfields Ltd and Stocksbridge Works (often known as "Samuel Fox's").

Doctorate, 1990's

Some idea of my Doctoral research on the weldability (and sour-oil resistance) of plate steels.

[Off-site link to the Brunel University academic archive]
(full thesis - all 260pages (it is reckoned to be quite readable and is used as a reference by some engineers))

(The story)

Foundry, USA, 2001 / 2002

Computer-modelling the fiery castings processes I also operated and developed.
Portfolio - developing high-quality castings for high-strength aircraft-grade components in aluminium / aluminum.
An ad-hoc external-client job for which I produced this solution: best "in air" casting of stainless steel

Welding school - mid-2000's

Actually 2000 and 2003-2008, plus 2009, 2012, etc.
Taking it very seriously - sketch of a weld condition so I could ask advice.
TIG-welding of stainless steel

"On-the-tools" as welder and steel-erector, 2007 / 2008

On-the-tools 2007/2008 and to 2010: site-welder, welder-fabricator, welding-gang foreman in a boatyard.

Steel-erecting on construction sites. No photos permitted.
Rigging while steel-erecting - some illustrations of techniques I used , and testing knots and splices I use proving safety-margin is typically 20:1

(Career significance : my engineering knowledge increased about 2000-fold in this time)

Foundry / metal castings, 2009

Back as a technologist in a factory.
Great variety of work and application of skills - portfolio of 6 examples .
Real shop-floor work in a hot environment .
Typical practical solution - sleeve on a die-grinder catching oil mist stops your clothing getting covered in oil.

Weld engineer qualification (MSc) - with profoundly useful research, 2010 / 2011

Bonus while getting my welding engineer qualification: cyclic-fatigue-resistant weld development .
Playing with different approaches and building an invaluable portfolio of experience:
- vastly higher cyclic-stress fatigue resistance for weldments - seeing it, though barely economically feasible.
- seeing what fatigue initiation looks like .

More opportunity to develop skills - datalogging (the manufacturer of the "weld-monitor" I used came to find me and ask how I'd done this!).

Oil and gas, 2012 and 2013

Welding engineer and metallurgist working for the oil&gas industry:
- paperwork - lots of it!
- to subcontractor site as "the Client's representative" trouble-shooting manufacturing
- extent of my skills - designing radiographic (X-ray) testing of a complex critical welded component.

Structural steel, 2014

As NDE technician's mate doing ACFM (Alternating Current Field Measurement) - an eddy-current inspection.

3rd Bosphorus Bridge, Turkey, 2015

Representing Hyundai on all welded steelwork issues on the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge project, near Istanbul, Turkey:
- huge International bridge project , seen also from inside looking from Europe to Asia
- me in my natural setting, at the Altinova weld fabrication yard for the bridge-deck sections
- into the construction detail - inside the bridge-deck inside the bridge-deck
- making radiographic testing of welds what it should be, complimenting the ultrasonic testing
- ultrasonic testing - example task demonstrating a UT technique would not detect the defects of concern

Finite Element Analysis modelling of welded structures, 2016

At last Finite Element Analysis software has become readily available. Here is finite element modelling added to my welding engineer skills:
- effect of adding stiffener-plates to a weldment in line with my instinct as a welder and welding engineer.
- stiffened bridge-deck panel (inspired by 3rd Bosphorus Bridge but thicknesses and dimensions different).
- earlier FEA models: truss bridges - "Warren" and "Vierendeel" , and hemispherical-ended pressure-vessel .

(R. Smith, 24Oct2016, 04Nov2016)