Non-Destructive Examination training

Radiography of Welds

My first ever radiographs - panoramic shot of SMA 5G C-steel weld using a Gamma source.
Some good additional X-ray experience with some good kit.
An issue which caught my interest - set-up geometry for DWSI (Double Wall Single Image) shots.
A range of finer points in radiography which caught my interest.

Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

My V2 calibration block.
Trying an idea for UT-of-welds initial UT-set use training plate: "Mark 1" version

Commercial applications of NDE / NDT

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)

Using a permanent-magnet to MPI T-joint welds, looking for nucleating fatigue cracks in a tested weld sample.

ACFM (Alternating Current Field Measurement)

Periodic inspection / NDT of a crane using ACFM .


High-standard X-ray radiography of metallurgically complex pipe butt welds on a critical subsea oil & gas pipeline component.

A "computed radiography" solution with fully-shielded X-ray source for the highly-stressed butt-welds joining the stiffened panels forming a large bridge-deck. Its purpose is high-resolution inspection of the welds shortly after they are made without disrupting the continuing work nearby.

Ultrasonic Testing

I have done a lot of engineering oversight, trialing and specifying Ultrasonic Testing.

Example : rejecting a proposed UT procedure on demonstrating it would not detect the defects of concern if they were there.

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