UT weld - Mk1 training plate try

Don't make one like this - you can only get the 70deg probe close enough to inspect the root!

This is "Mark 1" try at making a UT (Ultrasonic Testing) of welds training plate.
Idea is to create manageable intermediate steps between finishing theory and going onto the training plates with real welds with deliberately introduced defects.

So trying to find a training plate which anyone can make reproduceably from description and sketch, which produces all the "spurious" effects like "noisy root", "mode conversion peaks", "reflection of cap edges", etc.

Conceptual philosphopy, overall description

As the intention is to see all the echoes possible from external shape defects, there is no weld there at all.

What is seen in the pictures is bead-on-plate welds. Everything is "pseudo". There are no internal defects and nothing to "see" internally - internally it is just the plate continuing along.

What the pix show...

The ground groove represents a lack-of-penetration - albeit a smooth one (some l-o-p is right-angled at lower face when weld completely fails to melt plate edges). The bulging weld-bead represents over-penetration.
Each pseudo-root is identical...

The "pseudo-caps" represent different cases of cap. From LHS to RHS the attempted representations are:

The three identical pseudo-roots

What was intended, but isn't...

The plate is 12mm thick as intended but proves to be too thin to enable the probe to approach close enough for the beam to probe the root (apart from the special shallow-angle 70deg probe - hardly allows useful experience and comparison of probes).

The plate is intended to be at least 120mm wide - which this is narrower than - it was simply the piece I was able to quickly grab.

What it does do...

I've only had a quick go at this with the UT set.

What is seen

So the idea shows some promise...

RSmith, 15Dec2012