The X-ray kit

TWI-N are happy for me to eulogise over this 40+ year old kit they have. Logo looks late 1960's ("Pantak Windsor"). General knowledge of X-ray sets agrees this date of manufacture.

Fabulous - goes from 25kV to 200kV.

Over 40 years old, but there's a lot of copper and iron in the power-unit which is large and "industrial-scale" - see behind first DWSI image (obviously this is just the control console).

Some comment on using this machine compared to a computer-controlled X-ray set.

DWSI Al-tube X-ray

Sweet at 50kV for high definition Al. For DWSI Al-pipe, compensate for short SFD with ideal low kV for high-definition contrasty image.

Gamma-shot example

Did this DWDI-superimposed C-stl pipe (50mm O.D., 8mm wall-thk) with an Ir-192 source.