Wills' "Mineral Processing Technology" first read


Today at about 1520 - completed first read-through of:

Mineral Processing Technology
An Introduction to the Practical Aspects of Ore Treatment and Mineral Recovery

8th Edition - September 1, 2015
Authors: Barry A. Wills, James Finch


A significant one might be
No. of pages: 512
It's been quite a mission!

My chronology:

first hear of "Wills" as "the bible" on minerals processing
book arrived by post
09 April
"cover-to-cover" first read-through completed

Comment about self-teaching a new topic..

As is the general case:
read-through to completion in one sequential progression is infeasible;
"skim-read" to completion so know overall what is in the book and what its objectives are - then read again, and if necessary to achieve satisfactory comprehension make a third or more re-read
is efficient.
On the second and if necessary further read, the purpose served by each fine point and example calculations is known. In your mind you have "signposts", giving context to the task.

The first "cover-to-cover" on a new unfamiliar topic is tough on the person; well my experience has me comment that.

Learned? Definitely!

One comment in the book is that most mined/quarried ores these days have a lower assay (proportion of what you seek) than the assay of that mineral in the mine "tailings" (waste) of historic mining.
Those first "rich" (comparatively) ores of history are long-since mined-out.

Then the counterpart to this, as a comment here in Cornwall:
more copper is produced per month in the World now that was ever mined in Cornwall in-total...

Run-together, the progress in developing the technology of mineral processing is inspiring.

(R. Smith, 09Apr2024)