Stainless steel pour (in air) using tundish

This shows how a classic steelworker's technique was used to get a good pour of stainless steel, producing good stainless steel.

Stainless steel is difficult to pour outside of a vacuum, as its reactive passivating alloying elements react strongly with the air in the molten state. However, the question was - could you get a satisfactory pour of stainless when "in air"?

The solution shown here couples a few simple metallurgical considerations and a bit of high-school mathematics (the "Bernoulli equation" - see calculation) with some practical metal working and rammable ceramic ("fire-clay") working skills.

Here is how it was done - sorry no pictures available of the actual pouring of the metal. This is just the equipment "cold". Procedure follows pictures.


design of tundish

explanation why procedure achieves aim - what the tundish does for you

So that's how you do it!

Bye for now...!