Mining, Minerals, Geology, etc.

Condurrow mine

Carn Brea Mining Society's "own" mine.
ex. Camborne School of Mines training mine and Holmans (the rock-drill manufacturer) test mine.

First visit to Condurrow Mine, and my first time in a working/workable mine.

Upgrade skip loading mechanism for hauling ore to surface.

On skips - 254-page PDF - a report from 1977. Hilariously excessive for the tiny Condurrow mine.

Rock-drill section

Rock-splitting down the mine to clear levels of boulders

Learn about drill-and-blast tunneling

Mid December 2023 into early 2024 : Blasting - learning path - info sources

"How-to-do-it" small mine video story - thanks

Likely to prove a significant step-upwards for me: Opening My Gold Mine! . A 15-part series of videos on YouTube. It's very American in the best way (in my opinion).
The geology of Cornwall's mineral lodes and the gold lodes in California is very similar (?) - igneous (magma) intrusion into sedimentary rock. Hence relevance to me.

Radon and radiation in mines

Reviewing solely pragmatic demonstrable Radon information - what is the evidence of Radon being harmful, or not.

Excellent finding : South Terras mine - good radiation reading

Found uranium lode giving some good readings

Minerals, ores and tailings

Dumped as mine "tailings", the iron-arsenic-sulphide mineral - ode to Arsenopyrite!

Learning about Minerals Processing - "the bible" - read Barry Wills' book.
Now done calculation Examples to end of Chapter 3 - the general topics.