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Endeavour - quality controlled aluminium MIG/GMAW welds

Welding jobs done displayed

Production run of 3-gusset-plate right-angle-bracket machine parts.

Fabricating and plating - methods and equipment

Welding processes datalogged and analysed

Qualitative judgement, "Trade" skills and intuition are vital in welding.
Apply those, and possess good quantitative measured information about your welding process, is "a winning formula".

My pages on datalogging and analysing welding processes .

Weld Quality Control

A very important topic : Weld Quality Control

Welding joys and exasperations

The ups and downs experienced by a welder : welding tales

Welding training - learning the manual welding processes

This was a big endeavour for me. I attended vocational welding courses over a five year period.

Welding process training - oxy-acetylene, SMA, TIG, MIG and a bit of pipe-welding.

Welding processes and their techniques

TIG welding: feeding filler wire - technique for manual TIG welding (has movies).

Note this is continuously feeding filler for sheet-metal thicknesses - not the cyclic "stack of dimes" method used for large TIG welds.

Weld tests

My first ever macro-etch of an aluminium weld. Using "household" supplies and "kitchen" equipment.

Tensile-test rig for fillet-welds (more detail - see "Structures" index )

Welding equipment

Welding equipment I have used.

Welding Miscellaneous

Mixed miscellaneous stuff on welding.

Marking-out and Oxy-acetylene cutting steel

If you weld, you often also want to oxy-acetylene cut. So here is the method I use to set an oxy-cutting torch.
It does not use pressure gauge readings.

The article starts with methods to mark out "black" steel - steel as-rolled with oxide on surface. Using soapstone, rules and squares.

A proposed new design of weld metallurgical qualification Standards

Is the current "preferred" approach to weld metallurgical qualification, ISO15614, continuing to work well? Is it time for a re-think? Here is an alternative new proposal taking the currently less-used very-restricted-application ISO15610 approach and making the ISO15610 approach the new preference for most welding fabrication.