Steel Fabricator skills

Marking-out with soapstone (chalk)

"Black" steel (hot-rolled steel plate and sections) are marked up with soapstone ("chalk"). The tools used are combination-squares, tape measures and engineer's squares.

This case has a couple of differences to the above suggestions. When marking out a length holding the chalk "freehand" while reading a tape-measure, the way you hold the chalk and the best way to sharpen it are different.

Setting the gas pressures on an oxy-acetylene cutting torch

Some of these would be better as test explanations...

* In the above - this is setting the cutting jet, squeezing the oxygen lever while preheat oxygen valve (and acetylene valve) fully closed *

Fabrication cut steel beam with oxy-acetylene cutting torch

Steel stock can be accurately cut "freehand" with an oxy-acetylene torch. Your cut can be "millimetre-perfect".

Fabrication oxy-acetylene cut - torch at right-angles to cut direction

There is a characteristic way of holding the torch at about right-angles to the direction of the cut when doing an accurate cut. There are several reasons for this, shown here...