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In all cases here, set in the UK, the root-cause is

Barge renovate

No explanation I can offer for this:
SMAW non-productivity - why oh why?!!

Already presented in "Weld Quality"

The in-common theme is wincing at figuratively watching "clue sticks" walloping heads so hard that the "beneficiaries" went flying across the room. Yet showed their managerial resolve and constancy by no response greater than resenting the interruption to their managerial duties. Getting back to their chairs and directing the same set of motions to get the "clue stick" wallop them again. As an onlooker you began to feel sorry for the "clue stick" futilely cracking endlessly against such a dense solid object...

Without wishing to detract from the range of talents of these people; we identify for both Ali-MIG (almost all cases) and Stainless-MIG (this case cited) these remarkable heads apply themselves to heat-input. Read on for the astonishing results...

Aluminium MIG (Aluminum GMAW)

The additional subject-specific equally significant main issue here is the whole industry expects Ali-MIG welds to look like Ali-TIG welds.
Which is an absolute nonsense.
Oblivious, they try to make that so, with farcical results.

Ali MIG/GMAW welding made a total mess of

Stainless MIG/GMAW

Irredeemably sad - why would these people put themselves out of a job? - when their Company is the sole manufacturing employer in the town!

Stainless steel MIG/GMAW - consistently deliver garbage

Mainly right

Fillet size and metal deposited

Rollicking story of a marine civil engineering site. Right welds and weld productivity .

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