Thanks - Mt. Baker Mining and Metals "Opening My Gold Mine!" series

I want to thank and credit the "YouTube" channel mbmmllc - Mt. Baker Mining and Metals - and the 16-part series
"Opening My Gold Mine! Part ..." [1 to 16]
I cannot link to them because YouTube periodically changes the URL of its individual videos - but look through the list of videos and you will find series. I've appended a list of the videos to this page - the titles alone might whet your appetite to see them...

Proprietor Jason Gaber and friends record "run-of-camera" and commentary re-opening a gold mine in the mountains of California.

The story is told from arriving at the mine and getting it in order, through all stages to having the glittering buttons of extracted gold.

It's been an engaging story - as those who left their comment on "YouTube" concur.

Jason and friends are practical American types, and the journey they take you on benefits you in every way from that culture.

I found the channel pursuing a question on blasting, landing on the Part where they first blast the lode seeking the gold ore. But that was only my entry into this grand story.

Jason Gaber not only mines but also runs
Mt. Baker Mining and Metals LLC
which makes machinery for the small-scale mining folk like him still do - and other customers for whom the equipment proved to be exactly what they were looking for in their economic activity.

See ,
Mt. Baker Mining and Metals
Manufacturer of smaller-scale industrial-grade machines for crushing, grinding, and concentration of values

The videos list...

For those interested in mining, these titles should lure you in :-)
Average length something like 1/2hour - ranging from 15minutes to 40minutes.

(R. Smith, 05Feb2024)