Good geiger-counter readings Carbis Bay

Said to be Wheal Providence - Northern-most drift / adit gave the good readings.
All fitted with YouTube channel Mark Thomas's "Carbis Bay Radioactivity" video.
Good backing soundtrack with "Kraftwerk"'s "Radioactivity", but is fairly "creative licence". Got less than average Cornish background on the beach, for example. My reading on the lode agrees with his, give or take calibration accuracy of the meters.

Getting reading from the uranium lode just inside the drift / adit...

The good reading...

This is about 100X UK average background and 50X Cornish average background radiation level = rather excellent.

This is "encapsulated" within the mineral of the lode, with radiation readings dropping rapidly by the centimetre moving the geiger counter away from the lode.
No "general" radiation, hence seemingly no radon, despite finding what must be a uranium lode.
So is no hazard, but delightful find.

(R. Smith, 29Apr2024)