Metal-fatigue-resistant welded steel structures


The introduction I got to the subject

Do fatigue-testing !!!
Familiar theme - you have to "play" with the phenomenon to usefully know it enough to act upon it effectively.

Research on fatigue resistance of welds and weldments

As just mentioned - same link - 2011 research on fatigue resistance of welds.

Applied rudiments had me leading on fatigue in US$2.7Billion project!

From my "Career" section...
The effect of "playing" with fatigue-testing: leading for Hyundai's construction division on fatigue-resistant design for the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge project in Turkey, 2015 (1.4km span - a massive bridge).
This is an extensive writing on various topics. If you are interested in fatigue you might jump to the subsection "The story of fatigue-resistant weld design".

Future - project - "High-performance welded steel structures for cyclic loading"

* Actively in development *

No guarantees this will be confirmed - but if so, would be amazing.
For a start, this would double the cyclic stresses a bridge could take.

The concept...

Invitation to take interest in high-performance steel structures for cyclic-loading ("fatiguing") applications

Few-minute intro. sufficient to understand above concept

"High performance welds - non-welding, non-fatigue explanation"

Massive detailed explanation

The extensive Proposal : research path to high-strength steel fatigue-resistant welded structures (in Structures directory)

If confirmed how could this have been missed?

"Fatigue performance evolution in time - simple explanation"

Abstruse technical detail needing detailed knowledge of doing welding

If you know

this would make sense...

"Weld fatigue performance - bimodal - EXC2 and EXC3"

Which - if the observation is confirmed - explains how the current Standards get it so wrong.

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