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Torrey Canyon wreck

Investigative article - wrecking of the oil tanker Torrey Canyon on Pollard Rock at 08:50 on 18March1967.

Driven by my perception "The official inquiry findings make no sense!". When I asked West Cornwall seafaring folk the response was "That's right - they don't". So here goes...
There is analysis of tide data and tidal streams (tidal seawater currents) on that day. Coupled to navigational methods then available and commercial pressures that might have influenced choices made.

The "Torrey Canyon" was an oil tanker, and this was the first wrecking where the loss of the ship was insignificant compared to the cost of the environmental damage.

Tides compared for well-known ports

Simple graphical comparision of tides cycle (high<=>low; Spring<=>Neap) for three cases:
tides at Dover, Newlyn and Milford Haven for March 1967.

Tides Newlyn 2022 overview

Graphs presenting an overview of tides at Newlyn all 2022 .

Fun mini-project Newlyn all 2022 graphical highest-high lowest-low tide presentation.

Detailed and specific matters

How to practice Marine Radio Distress messages so it becomes a learned familiar action.

Leaning towards "marine engineering" but hopefully a good fun little article discussing with pictures some of the things you can readily see about vessels travelling through the water
Hydrodynamics, Froude number and a clever vessel design

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