Tide Newlyn all 2022 data

I've gone back to the British Oceanographic Data Centre [external link]. The BODC. Getting the Newlyn 2022 tide data.
Tide heights / seawater heights in metres (m) - in relation to the datum of Lowest Astronomical Tide (LAT).

An explanation : a Web-search on "Newlyn tide gauge" will indicate why Newlyn (a smallish fishing port).
The tide along the South Coast of Cornwall and Devon is broadly in-line with Newlyn's tide - hence displaying the high-quality Newlyn data.

The monthly tidal extremes data

Data processing and presentation

The BODC Newlyn 2022 tidal extremes data has been

Plot of the monthly tidal extremes:

Overall presentation of 2022's tide cycles

The complete data

The sea height is recorded every 15 minutes, giving 35040 data points in 2022.

The data presentation

Every value of tidal sea water height, all 35040 points, is plotted on a sequential plot.

The density of the data results in the following representation of the sea level.
Where the zero datum on the tidal height scale is Lowest Astronomical Tide.

Graphic visualisation of Newlyn tide

A count of the peaks of the cycles has the expected 24, for the 2-weekly tidal cycles over 12 months.

The tide cycles portrayed

Familiar to any seafarer : the high/low and neap/spring tidal cycles portrayed by graphs of samples of the "all 2022" tide data.


Nothing much to say really. Presentation gifted for your perusal.

The data is "copyright" of the BODC (British Oceanographic Data Centre) and all rights remain with them.

I have previously presented other data from the BODC, Compare tide heights : Dover, Newlyn, Milford Haven , using 1967 tide data. That date explained by data I obtained during the project Investigate Torrey Canyon / Pollard Rock wreck circumstances .

(R. Smith, 23Mar2023, 24Mar2023 (allgrf-od, edits), 25Mar2023 (tidal-cycles))