My leisure pages

In the United States of America

Expeditions in 2001 and other slightly crazy stuff from this time - when working in Cleveland, USA.

Landscape and local scenes while in the USA, 2002/2003. These pictures are kind of "artistic" in nature...

Comment on "cultural issues" when living in the USA.

Back in Britain

Fens series

This was put together Summer/Autumn 2003
The Fens - low-lying nature
Fens - Denver sluice
Fens - Mechanised agriculture

My motorcycle makes an appearance

My motorcycle. I had owned this before in 2000/2001 and was delighted to get it back in Summer 2003.

Near Cambridge - sunset behind tree

Autumn afternoon on the Fens

A typical trip out into the country by motorcycle.

Miscellaneous in Britain photos

Our Brighton / Saltdene September 2003 outing.

Stormfront approaches near Cambridge - end of summer 2003?

Hummus - cookery!

How to make Hummus. Description, ingredients, cooking and other preparation details, with photographs.