Radiography - pre-electronic vs. computer-controlled

An electro-mechanical X-ray kit

This is the late 1960's (?) "Pantak Windsor" X-ray machine I used at TWI-N.

The console...

The X-ray head and power-unit behind...

Pre-electronic X-ray compared to computer-control X-ray kit

With computer-controlled X-ray equipment

With this pre-electronics equipment

On the other hand, this machine has a far wider range of tube voltage down to very low voltages - it will run stable at 25kV - whereas I have met computer-controlled machines which will not go below 70kV. 70kV is above the maximum allowable X-ray tube voltage by specs such as BSEN1435 for many Aluminium components. Let alone the desired voltage for maximum resolution! The power of 6mA on fine-focus of 1.5mmx1.5mm target area is quite good.

So overall, you have to know and nurture the machine, but it gives lovely results.

Another thing - there's also sorts of "clunks", "whirrs", "clicks" and "tickings" of various loudnesses as this machine operates - whereas computer-controlled do not entertain with any sounds at all apart from the intended alerting bleeps.

R D Smith, 18 July 2010