weld 8mm thickness 8mm fillet

A weld developed by the author for a client. Good by a big margin.

This fillet weld on 8mm thickness plain steel ("carbon-steel") is

The welding condition is "robust". On a bad day you get a good weld. On a normal day, you get an ideal weld, but it's the worst weld you can realistically get which matters...
The tests on the weld demonstrate this - see pictures. The abundant fusion of about 2mm weld penetration at the fillet-corner and good fusion along the fillet-legs would not be easily disrupted.
It's also very productive, at 250mm/minute for this 8mm leg-length fillet.

The weld - good size, profile and weld-pool fluidity during welding (see "wetted" edges of weld)

"Macro" - the weld cross-section fine-ground and etched - showing excellent fillet-corner ("root") fusion

Nick-break test - plenty of fillet-corner ("root") fusion and sound weld. The continuous "step" between the broken edge and the adjacent top of the plate shows the weld penetration, agreeing with the "macro" and demonstrating that deep fillet-corner fusion is consistent along a length of weld

(R. Smith, 04Dec2014, 15May2017)