The "cheese database"

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The "cheese database" is a relational database running in a MySQL relational database program on this server. The "front end" is written in PHP and serves two roles: querying the database for information and generating the HTML you see.

The "cheese database" was a project done in 2000 in Cambridge, UK. A cheese retailer-and-wholesaler provided the data on the cheeses. The author designed the database "scheme" and load the data into the database. The author worked with the support of fellow members of the Cambridge Linux Users Group - people of great experience.

The database remains unchanged since then, but the web interface script has been changed from Python to PHP. Python is to be recommended in general for programming, but for web site scripting, PHP is designed for the job and simple to use - and is universally provided for on servers.

The original interface had more features. This one had to be a very quick piece of work. It is intended to restore the searches and listing-order commands which were there in the original.

The database has eight populated tables, which feature in the queries you can make through the front-end provided. The database scheme, as a PDF, shows the relationship between the tables, using standard notation.

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[Richard D Smith, May 2005]