This is the site for WeldSmith, a craft endeavour mainly focused on the TIG welding of stainless steel.

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding is also given an official but less frequently used title Tungsten Arc Gas (TAGS) welding. TIG welding holds an electric arc between a tungsten electrode and the workpiece, the heat of the arc melting the workpiece. In controlling the melt pool and forming the weld, a supply of filler metal is made to the melt pool.

In practice, a TIG weldor holds a torch with the tungsten and arc in one hand while holding a filler wire in the other hand. TIG welding machines usually come with a foot-pedal controlling the power which the welding power source delivers. TIG gives very clean high quality welds and can weld "difficult to weld" metals - at a price of being quite slow and concentration-intensive.

I am qualified in the craft of welding to City & Guilds level.

Sample objects:

"Quartic" vase - nearly 200mm tall.

Jewellery box / desk-tidy - 110mm wide

Square vase - the first offering - 200mm tall