Waveform analysis for MIG / GMAW "spray transfer" mode

Sample rate 10kHz
(10thousand measurements of V, I and wire-feed-speed recorded every second).

Values calculated for region of steady weld run:

Spray transfer is revealed to be exactly as envisaged. The current and voltage hold essentially constant values. The streaming transfer occurs in quasi-static equilibrium, where most other GMAW modes are cyclical.

Invoking a common idiom - Volts and Amps "are as flat as a billiard table".
There is no "waveform" - the welding condition holds constant electrical conditions.

The "fuzz" giving some height to the plot of V, I and wfs - if it's not to be dismissed as "noise", you'd better to have a very well-informed expert explanation what real physical effect it is...

Overall view



R D Smith, May&June 2011, 12Jun2017