Waveform analysis for MIG / GMAW "dip-transfer" mode

These welds were performed on 5mm steel plate with 1.2mm diameter steel MIG wire and Ar/20%CO2 shielding gas.

Sample rate 10kHz
(10thousand measurements of V, I and wire-feed-speed recorded every second).

Dip transfer - a common representative condition

180A 18.7V

A current of 180A is at the top of the range in which dip-transfer is used, according to contemporary practice (writing in 2017).

Overall view

First sample - 0.1s and 0.01s

Second sample - 0.1s and 0.01s

Fairly much as expected. Assuming zero-volt regions are duration of "dipping"/short-circuiting:

The dipping action seems very regular and well-behaved.

Other datalogging performed indicates this example shown is representative.

R D Smith, May&June 2011, 12Jun2017