"Blondin" in action

The video shows the ropeway in action.

video - Blondin ropeway  (5MB file size)
(smaller 1.6MB)

Thanks to the passing dog-walkers for doing the video while I operated the ropeway!

Was told I should make one of these back in November 2008. Yesterday, 4th July 2009, rigged this one. Made the carriage and the wooden single-sheave blocks yesterday, then set off to find somewhere to rig it. Found this location with two trees giving a "line of sight" over a bend in a stream.

Here's pictures of same (low resolution, as sun shining into shade is difficult for camera).

(all quiet again!)

(ready for walk home - also have small backpack of other rope and equipment)

More on "Blondins"

In general these systems are constructed using wire-rope - "cableways" or "aerial tramways".

In North America they were one variant of "highline" or "highlead" logging.
The "blondin" arrangement seems to be known as "Tyler system" there - see University of Washington - University Library digital collection - page 22 of "Youngs Iron Works catalogue".

In Britain "Blondins" were used in quarrying, particularly in the slate mines of North Wales. Remains of one still in Dinorwic Quarry Bonc Roller Level, Blondin Cable, Dinowic Slate Quarry

(R Smith, 05 July 2009)