My Finite Element Analysis pages

2016 endeavours

The initial study and learning of FEA modelling

My initial 46-day programme

My initial 46-day programme - applying a Finite Element Analysis modelling computer-package to engineering challenges which I have previously encountered in my career - without concerning myself about how Finite Element Analysis works "under the hood" (North-American English) / "under the bonnet" (British English) (in likeness to driving a car without knowing how a car works)

Then my 22-day study of the mathematical basis of FEA

My subsequent surprise step - taking an interest in and studying the mathematical basis of Finite Element Analysis .

FEA Structural Study of a T-junction between H-column sections

I encountered a poorly-performing structure where a horizontal beam was intersected at its mid-length by a side-column. Quite small side-forces applied to the top of the column produced large displacements (it was not very rigid), and permanent deformation readily resulted, giving a permanently inclined column.

My instinct was that stiffener-plates spanning the web of the intersected beam would be very beneficial.
Here is my FEA model of the structure without and with stiffener-plates .

Orthotropic Bridge Deck

Finite element analysis model of an orthotropic bridge deck - a lighterweight bridgedeck stiffened by longitudinal U-ribs and transverse T-bars

FEA 2107

FEA of folded thin-plate steel machine chassis

Finite Element Analysis modelling using shell-elements for an economic FEA solution contributing to a new high-performing category of machine-chassis becoming economically feasible for ad-hoc applications.

FEA convergence vs local geometry investigated

Time for me to investigate this topic - and it proved to be very informative "giving it a whirl". The abstruse (?) case of fillet-weld weld-toe geometry proved a winner...