Technical Education

Vocational Education

This is about education as part of a career as a Tradesperson. The area it would naturally cover is Technical Colleges and their courses.

BC Welder Training Program study

Visiting British Columbia, Canada in Winter of 2008/2009, I visited four colleges there and made this web-pages article on
The BC Welder Training Program.

The course provides a very interesting model for re-introduction of a fir-for-purpose welder training program into Britain. Should there be a re-evaluation of the role and necessity of proper Trades training in Britain, I propose this be deeply considered regarding welding training.

I continue to draw attention to this as an example of what vocational education can be like.

Indicator of all being well : probably an unintended consequence - a significant percentage of welders in BC were (are) ladies.
Might I presume to suggest that a good career structure had drawn in ladies as this being a viable path.