My previous contact with BC and North American welding practice

This is a "Declaration of Interests". I feel indepted to Trade training in the Province of British Columbia. This influences my perception of the courses and activities I describe here.

In only 2 years since going back into construction, I've risen to often being counted as a member of the senior team. I credit an essential ingredient of this rapid rise as the help I have received from North America. Basically, the overall path of my life has moved off in a very positive direction due largely to this North American help. However - the biggest surprise was yet to come, with this visit to British Columbia straddling the 2008 to 2009 Christmas / New Year season, from which I am just returned.

The accumulating influence came in two main forms:

However, this influence has put me out-of-step with British practice, with variable consequences. Taking for instance "stick" (SMA) welding:
BritainNorth America
Rutile "6013"Univerally used - few exceptions.Almost never used
Basic "7018"Regarded as specialist - associated only with "low hydrogen" applicationsGeneral purpose rod
Cellulosic "6010""They are only for root-running pipeline, using the 'dragging' technique. They have no other application."General-purpose rod where you want fast-freezing and/or powerful penetration
So in UK "fab shop" work the sole reference is Rutile electrodes (N.Am. perspective: "This inexplicable fixation you have with Rutile electrodes"), I am irrevocably trained to look to the relative merits of Rutiles, Basics and Cellulosics for the particular application.

The "associated skills" have had a purely positive effect on my career progression.

Here is "Boilermaking Manual" of the Province of British Columbia's Apprentice training program, sent to me some time ago. The effect it had was to draw together what knot-tying skills I had and launch me along the development path of the Trade skill of "Rigging" (the largest reason for my "senior" standing when the need for these skills arise on construction sites).

Examples of influence the Manual has had.

Next - what is it about the BC Welder training course which has so much obtained my interest?