Career progression paths for BC welders

Quoting [[this page]] from Vancouver Island University at Nanaimo:

"As a level C ticket holder you could find work in a shipyard, fabrication shop, or with the Department of Highways. With a level B ticket you are eligible for work in a sawmill or anywhere that requires a welder who is qualified to do run-off pressure procedures. And upon completion of level A you will be highly qualified to work in almost any location. Upon passing your Inter-Provincial assessment you will be eligible to work in most provinces in Canada, and many countries around the world."

The BC Level "B" qualification is regarded as high enough to entitle the holder to go for the Inter-Provincial "Red Seal" which enables that welder to work in other Provinces in Canada.

A common progression route for the BC welders passing BC level "B" is to work in the oil fields of Alberta. BC level "B" is held to be equivalent to an Alberta "journeyman". As was noted previously - the Modular course not makes Vocational training possible in a fluid labour market but also seems to have turned it into an advantage for delivering complete Vocational development through progression stages.

End of presentation - February 2009