BC welder training program - more detail on course implementation

The Levels of the BC welder training course

The course has three levels of accomplishment. These are Levels "C", "B" and "A", in ascending skill order. Welders usually progress through these over a period of many years, accumulating considerable experience in regular employment before judging the time as right to return to college for the next step. This is in fulfilling a long-term career progression plan.

Attendence at college is in full-time 5day/week blocks of several months

The Level "C" college training is 7  months full-time

The durations in college become shorter for each of the higher levels. Level "B" takes 5  months (???), Level "A" 3  months (???).

The course is popular and well-subscribed - so there is something right about this, viewed in entirety of what seems to be achieved for Trade careers in British Columbia (and Canada; BC welders include familiar fixtures in other Provinces in career path options - eg. pipeline welding in the tar-sands fields of Alberta after passing BC Level "B")

Career Paths

Matching the course progression are a number of familiar career paths. For instance after completing Level "C", welding in a shipyard or a fabrication shop would be appropriate experience. Working in the Alberta oilfields requires a BC Level "B" - and is a suitable experience option for Level "B" course graduates. A much more extensive discussion of career options at levels is possible.

The Welder's Log Book

This is the Log Book which you receive after passing the Level "C" college course (you still have the level "C" work experience ahead of you before you pass level "C"). In it you log all your career as a welder.

This is a random selection of the contents of a logbook

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