Relationship between officialdom and the BC welding course

Proverbially, "not all in the garden is rosy". Not all officialdom has positive sentiments towards the BC welding course. Where these attitudes were found, the desire is to shorten and cheapen the course.

Officials taking this outlook faced two uniformly held unmoving positions

To an extent the colleges had "coverage" from the "partner" employers with positions on the Statutory industrial training consultative body.

The attempted means to force shorter cheaper courses was to bring in private colleges. Focusing on "torch in hand" skills, they promised students who enrolled on these courses would obtain the BC "C" level course in 4 (?) months. They uniformly made little training progress and the Government department ended up having to pay the fees of these students to pass through the Provincial colleges. At present, the issue has gone quiet.

The "BC welder training course" is popular - of that there is no doubt.

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