Comparing BC to UK welder training - the BC case

At Malaspina College in Nanaimo I proceeded out into the stockyard and encountered this.

It is a completed Aluminium-hull boat for a scientific research organisation at the North end of Vancouver Island, built at the college * BY THE LECTURERS AND STUDENTS? *.

One can get an optimistic feeling from seeing the BC welding program in action. As this is broadly representative (other colleges had other activities and projects), I provide more details, which carry forward this positive sentiment.

Al-MIG welding
Twin-hull design can be seen
Commercial crane-arm installed on deck
(Al welding workshop in background extends all along stockyard to LHS)
Charitable organisation gets boat; college students get career-developing experience

It is fairest to comment - Malaspina College has an [[Aluminum Boat Building]] program.

Light aside - "bathtub racing". Powerful outboard motor and absurd courses across of Strait of Georgia. Bit like "Star Wars" "Pod racing" but competitors generally survive - albeit spitting out seawater and a bit roughed-up.

UK colleges try to have some fun - some do dirt-track go-kart racing, building their own karts and taking them to competitions
More seriously.
Each toolbox represents a student. As students are in for blocks of time (5days/week full-time), at this college each gets assigned a toolbox with tools, returned at the end.

Next - what is the progression rate of trainees through the course, given such a large syllabus...