Rocky River park - bleak and frozen

On the 23rd of January 2003 it was cold enough it felt like my ears would crack off as I cycled to the park. The camera had similar sentiments - it took blurred totally out-of-focus pictures after 20minutes out in the open, mostly in its camera bag.

In all pictures of this series, the white smokiness, often looking like blurring, is drifting snow, on a constant wind of a few tens of miles-per-hour. The last picture, looking over Lake Erie from the knoll at Rocky River park is not camera-shake blurred, I think - it is the drifting snow greying-out the picture.

Looking from the ice to the shore

The hard knobbly surface of the close-to-shore frozen lake, where normally there is the gentle lapping of water on the breakwater. "Ridges" of ice and snow further out.

"Artistic" picture of a piece of driftwood now sitting on top of the frozen "water's edge".

Vista of the Lake. The tree branches are lashing in the wind, which is carrying drifting snow which greys-out the picture in a way which could be mistaken for a blurred image.