Expedition to the Lake Erie Islands

Hi again...

This is about our trip to the Lake Erie islands. We went to South Bass Island on the Saturday and Kelley's Island on the Sunday. South Bass is often more widely known by the town upon it, Put-In Bay.

Don't have time right now to do a full page. Suffice it to say here is a picture of the reason for existence of the islands coming into focus. Our attempt to take the visit to the islands seriously had bourne little reward, whereas here things are very much proving agreeable :-)

visiting a winery on South Bass Island

Regarding Ohio wines:
Many will be familiar with the concept that wine tasters

  1. take a sip of the wine
  2. appreciatively swill it around their mouths
  3. spit it out into a bucket
generally it would be the case that, were Ohio wine included in a wine tasting, wine tasters would tend to skip step 2 and proceed straight to step 3. On the other hand, the real reason why you don't see much Ohio wine exported is because it all gets drunk locally. Yup, the day certainly looks different after arriving at the winery.

seriously; "the Islands" are not a place for a serious holiday. The other main reason to come to the Islands is barely mentionable - let it be said that this is not a place for a family holiday, more like a place for people who are likely in future to have families ;-)