An outing to the "Cafe Arabica"...

One of our "haunts"; the "Cafe Arabica". The place exemplifies the general atmosphere of the University Circle area of Cleveland.

Don't have any pictures of the place, but here are a couple of pictures of us playing "Scrabble" (the words game) in one of the upstairs rooms of the "Cafe Arabica" on a day when it was raining.

high scoring
with letters v and x

A legendary moment which I attribute to beginner's luck. I played the letters "v" and "x", both of which are rare in English language and therefore carry a high score, both of which landed on double-letter score positions on the board, plus the "x" forms part of two words. Score reckoned to be 42 from these two letters. Fortunately my colleagues were more amazed and amused than "vexed"! Remember we are not regular players, nor are we particularly serious in our time-off - for the benefit of serious players out there who cannot see what the big deal is ;-)

me looking
mischievous after scoring highly in Scrabble

Someone else would publish this picture if I didn't, so here goes... me after finding that I had scored quite well off just two letters in "Scrabble"