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Hello there.

Jumping straight to it if you want: mineral processing covering letter

Hard-rock lithium operation - the pilot plant and laboratories?

I gather you have been trying to person-up your hard-rock lithium operation.
Since December 2023...
Now being June 2024.
I have been approaching Imerys British Lithium from February 2024.

Process Development Scientist

The currently open role.
A role I am a very ideal match to?

So; I'm applying for
Process Development Scientist

I am known as a very supportive colleague - and very knowledgable.
"Foot in both camps of theory and practice" - your shop-floor / quarry-floor folk will have someone who is right with them = this is surely the ideal recruitment close to your "reference standard".

In some empathy to "HR"...

In fairness to your Human Resources - likely coming from a "service economy" background - they wouldn't know the speed at which a technical person can home-in on an objective. In February I hadn't yet heard of Barry Wills' Mineral Processing Technology book ("the bible"). Now I've cover-to-cover'ed it that book and gone through the maths Examples to the end of Chapter 3 - the mineral processing generalities.

So a "Human Resources" function accustomed to a fairly "pedestrian" endeavour-rate would be "blind-sided" by someone focussed and driving like myself.

83% service economy; 17% manufacturing and construction combined

Just expanding on what I think is the context causing the absurdity of 6 months of not being able to person-up...

Given that the UK economy has combined manufacturing and construction sectors summing to 16.3% of economic output and 17.1% of employment, it follows that 82.9% of the UK workforce have no involvement with a manufactured / constructed product.

Hence it is easy to have an administrative function in a manufacturing Company with no insight into the manufacturing mindset.

The "hard" 1<=>1 match between skills on offer and abilities needed in a technical role means recruitment by freestyle interview by technically knowledgable persons representing the Company.

My portfolio of skills and experience


Mineral processing covering letter

for detailed presentation of my background, aptitudes, experience and knowledge making me the person you have been looking for at Imerys British Lithium.

Transferable skills from physical metallurgist and engineer

The skills look like this:
Cornwall - engineer roles covering-letter

Index to entire Mining, Minerals, Geology, etc. section of my website.

Seen in my minerals processing covering letter, but restated here:

Major projects where this was so:

High returns / new solutions is likely to be of interest to your commercial operation.

Similar cases - encouraging

There is every reason to believe that I would be a very productive contributor and team-member. A couple of similar-ish examples.

Cronite Castings, South Somerset, 2009

Some visual examples of what this work looked like.

This was the sole major employer in the town, and many had relatives and parents or sons/daughters also working there.
My surprise introduction to how things would be was in the lost-wax foundry, where they had a notably "chunky" casting type which developed a lot of shrinkage defects. I advanced a suggestion that they "suck" heat out of the bottom of the casting by placing the ceramic shells on a thick steel plate, while they "hold-in" the heat at the top of the casting with something like mineral wool. Trying to create progressive "feeding".
My surprise was a couple of minutes later when the assistant furnaceperson forklift'ed in a large steel plate about 20mm thickness, while the shell-dewaxing steam autoclave operator was busy with a roll of mineral-wool and a pail of refractory cement.
The castings resulting had no observable flaws / defects.
A few days later I tentatively angled-in on how that happened. The head furnaceperson explained - they are on a bonus for low scrap-rate. What I said made sense, so they gave it a try...

The rest of the time was notably amicable with the shop-floor crew. Who did forewarn me that the middle-management always succeeded in expelling anyone with ability. Knowing this was inevitable, I had a lot of fun while the job lasted solving problems which were being deliberately perpetuated.

3rd bridge over the Bosphorus, Turkey, 2015

A small visual example of the type of contribution I made.

This US$2.7Billion bridge had its construction stalled in the steel construction phase.

Hundreds of persons on the project had the title of engineer. Yet the problems could not be identified, let-alone solved.
I was recognised for being a metallurgist and welding engineer who also worked as a Trade welder. Why a search of the World found me.

My scientific and technical skills brought this diagnosis: who was working for the objective, and who was working against the objective.
The task was interesting, getting those working "for" the project into one group aligned around a plan, while isolating those working against the project objective.
The engineers and technicians I was working with were very experienced and able in their fields, so it was rewarding being a member of that team which emerged.


I'm up for this / these jobs, and I am an available person with the abilities sought.

I can be contacted directly via this Contact form by which you can pass your details and a message to me and I will respond, establishing a communication channel.

(R. Smith, (09Apr2024to11Apr2024) 12Jun2024)