A Professor - UK terminology

The distinction between "the Professor" in UK terminology and "a Professor" of the terminology of the USA is important here.

In the USA, every academic in a university is "Professor".

In the UK, in an academic institution, most lecturers are "Doctor". The very few Professors are very senior in age, experience - and personal qualities. Elevating someone to a Professor is a very serious business, as Professors have the effect of steering an acadmic department, so everyone will have to live with the consequences. Consequently, decisions taken are taken very seriously and are seen to have been very good choices.

It follows than in the UK, you cannot choose to become a Professor. That honour can only be bestowed on you.

In my narrative, I describing consulting with the Professor. I had a supervisor who was "Dr ..."; but everyone is deferential to the vast knowledge and experience of the Professor leading the Department. Hence I am consulting with the Professor to try to see the longer-range navigation.
Only my Supervisor will know my topic in enough detail to know how to implement a plan.
Explaining the structure and logic of the situation.

(R. Smith, 17Feb2017)