Firstly: guidance if you are a legal professional engaged in litigation regarding this project

So this is about the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge project North of Istanbul, Turkey, which I was working on in the first half of 2015.

At the time of writing, putting my 3rd Bosphorus Bridge project memoir in the public domain, including this statement, I know of no legal proceedings. Anyone reading these writings seeking to identify who is to blame for problems should read and re-read these notes as many times as necessary, with follow-up studying the referenced Standards and Codes, and do appropriate "background" research until the meaning is clear.

How did the project run into the problems which necessitated my recruitment? The explanation for who is to blame and who is liable is "everyone and no-one". For the reason that the problems were the local manifestations of the wider global context of the global economic endeavour as relating to welds and welding.

The Standards mentioned are those as they were operating in 2015:

If as a legal professional you are truly motivated by egalitarian causes, a good first task would be to sort out these issues.

Sounds like lots of virtuous pro bono work you would be keen to contribute to the cause of a better world, facilitating better infrastructure for a pleasant standard of living for most!

(R. Smith, 19Apr2017)