Film-set assistant

A film crew turned-up in the area, getting use of National Trust land to film a scene from a re-make of "The Wicked Lady" directed by Michael Winner.

They needed labourers, and us locals pitched-in.

The whole preparation of the set and filming was an interesting experience.

I was present in the making of cinema history, as this was the first mainstream-release film that had a female "topless" (no attire above the waist) whipping scene.
That in itself had its technical interests. They had three levels of whip.

and the use of the three levels of whip had to be carefully cycled through creating the single flowing story told from the various distances and viewing directions.
The real actress receiving the whipping had to perform, as she faced the camera, but a stuntwoman stood in for the lead actress to perform the whipping. She had an obvious expertise and enthusiasm for the activity.

Details of the film including the cast can be looked-up on-line if of interest.

(R. Smith, 30Dec2017, 02Jan2018)