Casting-lifter fabricated rapidly

A new lost-wax casting on a new runner-system needed a new tool to unload the casting carousel. The castings were standing there orange-hot to red-hot (around 1000C to 700C) with no way to unload them. So I made this new lifting tool with a "blade", rather than a "hook", to use with the crane.

"Mark 1" I roughly made in 5 minutes in the maintenance workshop enabling dimensions to be fine-tuned.

"Mark 2" I completed to "finished" standard 20 minutes later to the developed design, and it is seen in the following photo under test.

The tool is in the upper half of the picture, suspended from the crane - and can be recognised from the accompanying sketched.

A 600kg weight, used to hold down the cope of large sand-castings, is hanging from the meeting of the "blade" with the "shank" of the mould-lifting tool by a chain bridle-set. This tests particularly the strength of the top-loop engaging crane-hook and the weld attaching the "blade" to the "shank".

The moulds (castings) the tool will lift are around 35kg.

In another test not shown, when the tip of the blade was hooked under a heavy object and the crane hoisted, the mild-steel round-bar shank underwent general distributed bending - a safe refusal to be grossly overloaded in this way.