Seal pipes riser

Overall points

Grim task of stopping rodents having a hidden access route. Previous page Sealing rat hole wall and pipe-riser was outer-stage of same task.

Copper gauze - because the gauze will be packed around copper pipes the packing cannot be steel wire wool. As this would have a galvanic action with the pipes. Hence - using copper gauze, which should be neutral to copper pipes.

Also because of copper pipes cannot use "Portland" cement, which corrodes copper. Hence the silicone.

Broken and crushed glass used where possible to increase the resilience against rodent attack.

Silicone - "room temperature vulcanising silicone" - both binds-together and glues in-place.

Ground floor

Plywood "baffle" and roll of copper gauze.

Plywood slides up into trunking, the four cut-outs being around the pipes.

Copper pushed up against baffle and held in place with the silicone impregnated into the copper gauze (broken glass not possible).

First floor - under hallway

General view of floorboard up.

Plywood "baffle" underside of "sandwich", which will go
| baffle | copper | broken-glass | copper | baffle |

Lower stop / baffle then copper-gauze with silicone in-place.

now with the broken glass poured on, more silicone and the top layer of copper gauze added

Done and top stop / baffle with some silicone beads to bond it in place but leave it still removable using a knife to cut the silicone beads.

(R. Smith, 04Oct2023)