"Weldsmith" active projects and pages list

Date of this list : 20 December 2022
My best effort to list subject areas under active development at the current moment.

Aluminium-MIG Weld Quality

"Technical->Welding" has new [Nov2022] "Weld Quality" section Aluminium MIG / Aluminum GMAW .

Finite Element Analysis example - stiff-enough hydraulic piston

"Technical->Finite Element Analysis" has new [Nov2021] case : large hydraulic piston stiffness models for piston without and with stiffener ribs.
(there is also application of FEA in the "Technical-> Structures").

Developing Fatigue-resistant weldments project

The "Technical->Fatigue-Resistant Weldments" area has new sections from Jan2021 onwards proposing a project investigating a promising observation of a weld with fatigue resistance seemingly about the same as the steel it is joining (= good).
See Future - project - "High-performance welded steel structures for cyclic loading" section in the Fatigue-Resistant Weldments index.

Structures - tests, in-service

All of the Technical->Structures section is from Nov2020 onwards.

Application of

to design

Nautical - all since July 2022

All the nautical section is from July2022 onwards.
Is navigation and seapersonship topics.